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Archive: Importance of Play

Why “Making” is Important for Children

Ever wonder about this phrase “maker-infused science, tech and nature programs”? If you’ve been with us in the past or you’ve just been perusing our mailings or website, you’re probably thought, “Hmm, maker, I know the word but I just can’t put a finger on what it means exactly.” If that is you, you’re not alone. Many of you who …

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Turning Summer into a Learning Opportunity

Want to make sure that once school stops for summer, the learning doesn’t? There are all sorts of ways to make sure that the only summer slide your children experiences is at the playground.  Summer is the perfect time for children to discover that learning is fun and can happen anywhere…. Summer travel is a great way for kids to learn. Whether …

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What’s Your Superpower?

We all have superpowers, it’s true. Sure, human bodies can’t fly through the air or climb walls like a spider. But every single one of us has a particular talent that makes us uniquely able to do certain things really well. Recognizing these innate skills is essential to mastering our own success and helping children find theirs – even if …

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A Fairy Tale Adolescence

Here’s a topic that will either have Millennial and Gen X Parents staring each other down or on the flip side, rejoicing at finding common ground. The issue, how much freedom should be extended to kids today. First, my story. I sit on the cusp between generations (can 1983 get a definitive category already) and was raised by a couple …

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All I Need to Know in Life, I Learned from my Kids

As parents, we expend a great deal of time and energy concerning ourselves with the lessons that we are teaching our children. The questions we ask ourselves and the parenting choices that we make (and sometimes second guess) seem to be endless: “Did I handle that situation correctly?” “Was I setting a good example?” “Did my child hear me say …

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Play: A Gateway to Creativity

Play…It’s arguably the most exciting word in a child’s vocabulary. The opportunity to take off in flight with a superhero cape, invent a new game, color a rainbow dragon outside of the lines, build tall towers, or create cardboard rockets. They are all magical, appealing experiences and although “fun”, do have more importance and a direct correlation to becoming a successful and …

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