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Founder’s Blog

The Colors of Equity & Love

Today our logo on social media channels is changing to our rainbow design on a black background. This logo has been a part of EDMO® for the past five years. Given the events in the last few weeks however, this logo has taken on a new significance. While it retains the black circle of the black & white logo that …

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Growing Uncomfortable

An urgent midday meeting was called yesterday. Our Customer Relationship Manager, Mandee, and Director of Experiential Learning, Kendra, insisted on meeting with the entire Executive Team. “We’ve had some comments from parents and we think it’s important to address them right away. The theme we’re hearing,” Mandee said, “is ‘I’m uncomfortable.’ The urgency is we don’t want to stop what’s …

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Time to Heal the System

As we design for the future through this health crisis, I ask myself what is our role in all the other crises facing our country? This week has seen more vivid examples of the “-isms” that persist in society. Racism, classism, sexism, chauvanism, homophobism – there are so many. Regardless of who is in leadership in our country, the “-isms” …

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The New School

Most nights these day, I wake up with my heart beating out of my chest. Most conversations I have with my staff and education leaders across the country, I tear up. The enormity of what’s happening overwhelms me. In addition to redesigning EDMO® to become an online learning platform for summer, I’ve also been speaking with district, county and state …

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How EDMO® is surviving

With all the bad press about camps going out of business these days, a common question we’ve been getting is, “How are you surviving?”. If I had to sum it up, I’d say three main factors:  Heroic Volunteer Staff. Right now, you could describe EDMO®  as a government-sponsored equity project. We made the painful decision to lay off 85% of …

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Is Kindness Contagious?

(Updated 4.28.20) “I have a strange question. What does ‘EDMO’ stand for?” That was what a young girl asked last week as I was giving a virtual tour of our EDMO Live! camp. A couple things struck me in that moment: 1) A lot of parents and kids are about to discover EDMO and 2) My answer to that question …

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