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What an Act of Kindness Looks Like

This random act of kindness story taken from thisisinsider.com… “Nine-year-old Noah saw a policeman eating breakfast at Denny’s and asked his mother, if he could pay the officer’s bill. He wrote a note on the receipt that said “I want to be you when I grow up. Thank you for your service.” The Officer was stunned and touched by the …

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Why “Making” is Important for Children

Ever wonder about this phrase “maker-infused science, tech and nature programs”? If you’ve been with us in the past or you’ve just been perusing our mailings or website, you’re probably thought, “Hmm, maker, I know the word but I just can’t put a finger on what it means exactly.” If that is you, you’re not alone. Many of you who …

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What’s Your Superpower?

We all have superpowers, it’s true. Sure, human bodies can’t fly through the air or climb walls like a spider. But every single one of us has a particular talent that makes us uniquely able to do certain things really well. Recognizing these innate skills is essential to mastering our own success and helping children find theirs – even if …

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Teaching Children about Giving

Charity and giving often find their way into the national spotlight during the holiday season or in the wake of an international disaster or devastating weather occurrence. With an increased emphasis on food drives, donations, and volunteering, children become immersed in the impact and concept of giving through family conversations, media coverage and more. Though these are wonderful teaching moments, …

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The Infinite Possibilities of Minecraft

I discovered Minecraft back in early 2010, when the game was still in a very early stage of development.  It’s seven years later and I’m still playing the game at home.  I’ve explored every biome and defeated every monster.  I’ve dug into the game’s code to tinker with its rules and mechanics.  I’ve even managed to make Minecraft a part …

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The Community Classroom

The learning process is most often associated with a set of indoor locations, i.e. classrooms, lecture halls, workshops, etc. Today, we want to add another location to that list, our own communities. With grass roots initiatives and a call to action on a local level for change reaching a fever pitch across the nation, there is no better time to step out of our …

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