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Archive: EDMO Vibe

Curriculum Spotlight – Marina Hydeman 

Greetings from the curriculum department! This week I (Ryan Kochevar) sat down with Marina Hydeman to talk all things curriculum.   RK: Marina is our nature and science programs writer for our EDMO and PRO curriculum, that’s for campers in 1st through 8th grades. She’s here with me today to answer some questions I have.  MH: Looking forward to it!   RK: So, first question, how long have you …

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Makers: What’s Behind All The Hype?

There’s a lot of making out there today: messy, sticky, smudgy, artistic, electronic or robotic. Every city has a Maker Faire, Make magazine is in the checkout line at the grocery store, and schools around the U.S. are asking parents to help supply their new Makerspaces. Are you wondering what’s all the hype? When did art class jump the shark …

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Tools for Teaching Mindfulness

Mindfulness seems like a simple enough concept. But it isn’t something that many parents have mastered, certainly not me. So if I’m not already practicing mindfulness myself, how can I possibly teach it to my kids? There are lots of tools and articles out there that claim to help, but which ones really work? A Google search on “how to …

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Getting Ready for Camp!

Memorial Day has passed and school is either out or just about to be. Most kids are excited for a break from school and ready for a fantastic summer experience. To us that means, it’s time to get ready for summer camp! Why camp? Curious children love to have their creativity celebrated while making projects and solving problems their own …

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Pay It Forward

The simplest way to define the concept of “Pay it Forward” is that when someone does something for you, instead of paying that person back, you pass it on to another person instead. Paying it Forward can also be an act you start yourself; just something you do for no other reason than helping others makes you feel good. According …

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What an Act of Kindness Looks Like

This random act of kindness story taken from thisisinsider.com… “Nine-year-old Noah saw a policeman eating breakfast at Denny’s and asked his mother, if he could pay the officer’s bill. He wrote a note on the receipt that said “I want to be you when I grow up. Thank you for your service.” The Officer was stunned and touched by the …

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