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Summer Skill Building

Studies have shown that participation in a summer program can increase children’s interest in the subject matter and build life skills. We’ve seen this in our own Camp EDMO® Parent Surveys, with 90% of EDMO Pro parents saying that their child’s enthusiasm increased for the digital media medium in which they participated. Besides increasing interest in a subject, each type of …

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All Things Are Possible

He’s only 10 years old, but a boy from Southern California has already achieved the honor of being a video game champion. A great accomplishment, but the bigger story is the skills he developed along the way.Julien Wiltshire bested more than 1,000 competitors (many high school age) in a national tournament to be named the inaugural Minecraft National Champion. It was …

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Modeling Digital Citizenship

We can talk to our children about all sorts of things; how to look twice before crossing the street, which strangers are okay to talk to, how to behave in a new environment etc. but sometimes, it’s not what we say, but what we do that makes the bigger impression and provides the best lessons. Digital Citizenship, or what can be …

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