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Save The Planet With New Small Change App

Why Us? At Camp EDMO® we want to save the planet. It’s obvious when you take a look at what we do. For starters, our maker-infused STEAM & SEL programs are based on three main thematic areas: science, technology and nature. To wrap it up, we view all three of those through the lens of sustainability. When we design our …

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Technology that Develops Curiosity, Courage and Kindness

The Internet, apps and games provide so much access to information that it’s not hard to find something to stimulate kids’ curiosity, according to the organization Common Sense Media. However, it’s important that whatever technology they use be informative, age-appropriate and credible. Games that allow exploration, creation and multiple solutions to a problem (like Minecraft and Roblox) are also known boosters …

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Fake or Real News?
How to Know the Difference.

It’s Summer! This means more play time and sometimes more time for kids to explore the digital world and internet. But that comes with an obvious downside – there is a lot of wacky stuff out there. With many urban legends and fake news circling around, figuring out what is real is tricky business. Building kids into good digital citizens …

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The Infinite Possibilities of Minecraft

I discovered Minecraft back in early 2010, when the game was still in a very early stage of development.  It’s seven years later and I’m still playing the game at home.  I’ve explored every biome and defeated every monster.  I’ve dug into the game’s code to tinker with its rules and mechanics.  I’ve even managed to make Minecraft a part …

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Digging Deep: Kids, Minecraft, & Education

This summer Camp EDMO® is harnessing the power of Minecraft to tackle a couple of exciting subjects.  In our Mod Maker and Mod Coder programs, campers will learn the fundamentals of coding as they program their own custom modifications to Minecraft.  While in our EDMOtopia and PROtopia sessions, campers will be working together to create a digital community, practicing SEL skills like communication, …

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The Digital Building Blocks of SEL

This summer, Camp EDMO® is diving deep into social and emotional learning (or SEL for short), and believe it or not, the place where I’m most excited to see this kind of development is… Minecraft!  As it turns out, video games provide excellent opportunities to develop SEL skills, and Minecraft is a prime example. So what makes games in general, …

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