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Archive: Fun Activities

Makers: Why does my kid keep raiding the recycling bin?

Better than LEGOs, MindCraft and even YouTube, raiding the recycling bin is my son’s favorite past-time. Starting with a supply of duct tape, and as he’s gotten older a glue-gun, batteries, LEDs, wires, wheels, a small tool kit, and a few motors re-purposed from RC cars of the past, he can occupy himself for hours. I’m sorry to admit that …

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Makers: What’s Behind All The Hype?

There’s a lot of making out there today: messy, sticky, smudgy, artistic, electronic or robotic. Every city has a Maker Faire, Make magazine is in the checkout line at the grocery store, and schools around the U.S. are asking parents to help supply their new Makerspaces. Are you wondering what’s all the hype? When did art class jump the shark …

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Welcome to the 2nd Summer of Love!

The Bay Area is even more abuzz with flower power than ever this season– it’s the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and everyone is all a flutter! Hundreds of commemorative events are happening throughout the Bay Area this summer and media coverage is encouraging tourists to join in from far-flung places like Chicago, Boston, and London. The events …

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Turning Summer into a Learning Opportunity

Want to make sure that once school stops for summer, the learning doesn’t? There are all sorts of ways to make sure that the only summer slide your children experiences is at the playground.  Summer is the perfect time for children to discover that learning is fun and can happen anywhere…. Summer travel is a great way for kids to learn. Whether …

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Gathering STEAM in Summer

As parents launch full steam ahead into summer planning, many are thinking about how to make the most of this glorious ten weeks of “out of school time”.  We say “glorious” with a bit of sarcasm as 10 weeks is a lot of time and can be hard to fill, especially for working parents. The path that a lot of parents …

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A Rainy Day Survival Kit

A Rainy Day Survival Kit – From The Museum of Craft and Design With the weather the way it’s been lately, parents everywhere need to be prepared for more indoor play! Put together a basic “Rainy Day Kit” and you’ll be ready when you hear anyone complain that they’re bored. Make sure your kit is age-appropriate, in terms of safety, …

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