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Archive: Twenty First Century Education

Tools for Teaching Mindfulness

Mindfulness seems like a simple enough concept. But it isn’t something that many parents have mastered, certainly not me. So if I’m not already practicing mindfulness myself, how can I possibly teach it to my kids? There are lots of tools and articles out there that claim to help, but which ones really work? A Google search on “how to …

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Being Mindful

Mindfulness is focusing on the present, being aware of what is going on inside of ourselves, observing what is going on outside of ourselves, and doing our best not to react emotionally or with judgment – either to our own thoughts and actions or those of others. This idea of being present physically and mentally seems simple enough, but it …

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Encouraging Connectedness

Feeling connected to a social group and to nature is good for us, science says. It increases our individual emotional and physical health, and also the well being of planet Earth and our species as a whole. There is even evidence that “the roots of lifelong happiness…stretch back into childhood,” where social connectedness has been found to play a more …

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Disentangling The Growth Mindset

Children (and adults) with a growth mindset “believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point.”[1] This attitude motivates them to seek out challenges and learn from failures, instead of give up and avoid them. But simply knowing that smarts are expandable isn’t enough, says Carol S. Dweck, …

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Getting Ready for Camp!

Memorial Day has passed and school is either out or just about to be. Most kids are excited for a break from school and ready for a fantastic summer experience. To us that means, it’s time to get ready for summer camp! Why camp? Curious children love to have their creativity celebrated while making projects and solving problems their own …

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What Does Camp Teach Kids?

The American Camp Association, Parenting experts, Time Magazine and even scientific research have all shown the numerous benefits of having your child attend summer camp. At Camp EDMO™, we obviously talk about how attendance in quality summer camps helps reduce summer learning loss, as well as how it contributes to the development of social emotional and life skills in all …

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