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Learning and fun from EDMO

Redefining Curiosity

Curiosity – it is a character attribute that has been vilified by its dark relationship with “the cat”. Most of us were raised under the guise of this saying, “Curiosity killed the cat”, leading us to believe that “curious” was a negative description. It’s 2017 and I believe it’s time to give curiosity a makeover and a new catch phrase; …

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A Rainy Day Survival Kit

A Rainy Day Survival Kit – From The Museum of Craft and Design With the weather the way it’s been lately, parents everywhere need to be prepared for more indoor play! Put together a basic “Rainy Day Kit” and you’ll be ready when you hear anyone complain that they’re bored. Make sure your kit is age-appropriate, in terms of safety, …

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The Digital Building Blocks of SEL

This summer, CAMP EDMO is diving deep into social and emotional learning (or SEL for short), and believe it or not, the place where I’m most excited to see this kind of development is… Minecraft!  As it turns out, video games provide excellent opportunities to develop SEL skills, and Minecraft is a prime example. So what makes games in general, …

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All I Need to Know in Life, I Learned from my Kids

As parents, we expend a great deal of time and energy concerning ourselves with the lessons that we are teaching our children. The questions we ask ourselves and the parenting choices that we make (and sometimes second guess) seem to be endless: “Did I handle that situation correctly?” “Was I setting a good example?” “Did my child hear me say …

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Children, Change & Transitions

As the countdown begins and the confetti falls, many of us make New Year’s Resolutions or promises to ourselves of the things that we will do differently in the next 365 days. “This year I’m going to start working out five days a week.” “I am going to stop drinking soda in 2017.” “Starting January 1st, I’m going to get up …

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The Importance of Family Traditions

As we stand knee deep in the stress and excitement of the holiday season, many of us find ourselves dragging boxes of decorations from the attic, pulling out old family recipes and preparing for the same rituals we have done year after year with little change. So why do we do it? The answer is simple, it’s a family tradition. “But …

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