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Learning and fun from EDMO

The Community Classroom

The learning process is most often associated with a set of indoor locations, i.e. classrooms, lecture halls, workshops, etc. Today, we want to add another location to that list, our own communities. With grass roots initiatives and a call to action on a local level for change reaching a fever pitch across the nation, there is no better time to step out of our …

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Digging Deep: Kids, Minecraft, & Education

This summer CAMP EDMO is harnessing the power of Minecraft to tackle a couple of exciting subjects.  In our Mod Maker and Mod Coder programs, campers will learn the fundamentals of coding as they program their own custom modifications to Minecraft.  While in our EDMOtopia and PROtopia sessions, campers will be working together to create a digital community, practicing SEL skills like communication, …

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Gathering STEAM in Summer

As parents launch full steam ahead into summer planning, many are thinking about how to make the most of this glorious ten weeks of “out of school time”.  We say “glorious” with a bit of sarcasm as 10 weeks is a lot of time and can be hard to fill, especially for working parents. The path that a lot of parents …

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A Fairy Tale Adolescence

Here’s a topic that will either have Millennial and Gen X Parents staring each other down or on the flip side, rejoicing at finding common ground. The issue, how much freedom should be extended to kids today. First, my story. I sit on the cusp between generations (can 1983 get a definitive category already) and was raised by a couple …

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Raising Environmentally Conscious Kids

Preserve the Earth for future generations – it’s an idea that many of us have heard, processed and filed away; that is, until the “future generation” had names, personalities and faces. Somewhere along the line, we became parents and the children of tomorrow suddenly became OUR kids of today. Issues that seemed so distant in our youth were suddenly taking …

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Redefining Curiosity

Curiosity – it is a character attribute that has been vilified by its dark relationship with “the cat”. Most of us were raised under the guise of this saying, “Curiosity killed the cat”, leading us to believe that “curious” was a negative description. It’s 2017 and I believe it’s time to give curiosity a makeover and a new catch phrase; …

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