Schedule an EDMO™ Party for your Child

As an EDMO™ Family, you get lots of EDMO Exclusives. Birthday parties are just one of the items on the list. From September –  April each year, we’re making your child’s dreams come true by offering you a chance to bring Camp EDMO™ home. It’s hands-on birthday fun for your child and an easy party for you!

Our enthusiastic guest presenters come to you and bring the activities and the EDMO vibe that your kids know and love. Plus, we do all the activity prep and clean up.

Party Pricing (for up to 20 children):

  • 1-hour party: $250
  • 2-hour party: $400
Parties of over 20 children are an additional $15/child. Parties must be booked 2+ weeks prior to date, otherwise please call the home office for availability. A Parent or Guardian must be present for the duration of each party.

Choose one theme per party hour from our list of EDMO maker-infused science classics!

Request a Birthday Party Now!

Solid or Liquid? The properties of liquids, solids and gasses are discussed before creating a ”goo” that falls between the traditional states of matter!

Stomp Rockets

3-2-1-Blast Off!!! Students learn about the forces of “push” and “pull” and simple machines as they launch air propelled rockets.

LED Creatures

Ingenious Fun! Students explore the power of conductivity while creating their very own LED-powered creature!

Pop Rockets

Students learn the fundamentals of a chemical reaction when we create a gas by mixing an acid and a base to launch a mini rocket high into the air.