Behind the Scenes: Camp Instructor Training

For the last month Conrad has been working with our Instructors, preparing for the 2015 Summer Camp Season.  “I must say that I am very excited about the Instructors I have met.”, Conrad shared.  It never ceases to amaze me how excellent all of our Instructors are. During trainings you can really get a sense of the dedication, excitement and wackiness our Instructor team will bring to our campers this Summer!”

Meet our EdTech Maker staff and check out some memorable moments from Conrad’s training:


Here is Eduardo, Minh, Derek, Alicia, and Ian on a coffee break during Maker training.


Here is the Maker team hard at work soldering together microbug kits.  Practice makes perfect.


Meet our EdTech Coding staff.  Pictured here are Minh, Derek, Jude, Nicole, Sara, and Rex deep in contemplation.

During our 2-D Video Gaming, 3-D Video Gaming and App Creation training days, our Instructors were tasked with creating example games to show their campers.  These folks know code!


Next up is an action shot from our Camp EDMO® Tinker Town training.  Our Tinker Town instructors worked in small groups to solve a Design Challenge where they had to create “something that moves something somewhere”. Take a look at some of the pictures from what they did as their Design Challenges below.


First we have the Edventure Recyclers.  They created a device that people and animals use together to collect recyclables.


Next up we have the Bravery Bug team.  They create a the Bug Bravery Barge that helps our Kimochi friend Bug build confidence. This Barge also helps Bug find the other Kimochi’s.

Photo7Finally we have the Bumble Bee Team.  They created a bee powered car that campers can ride.  Using this car, bees and campers work together to pollinate plants around the Bay Area.

Conrad“Our instructors are rock stars and I am sure that all of these wonderful people will be getting pies in the face all Summer long! See you at camp, Conrad.”