Working at Camp is the Best Summer Job Ever


PaloAltoBoy Pies Staff RallyWe came across a blog this morning entitled “Why Being a Camp Counselor is the Best Summer Job Ever”. As most of us at Camp EDMO® come from backgrounds that include having attended and/or worked at some type of summer camp prior to joining the EDMO team, we couldn’t agree more. We all have our reasons why we think working at camp is “da bomb”, “the cat’s pajamas” or “the coolest thing ever”, but here are some of the things “Why Being a Camp Counselor is the Best Summer Job Ever” cited that bear repeating:

  1. Being a camp counselor = Being a kid again
  2. You get to hear some really interesting quotes
  3. Outdoors vs. in office (in summer, a no brainer…)
  4. You get to be a role model
  5. The campers will teach you something too!

For a good giggle, we recommend reading the blog, some of the quotes are pretty amusing but before you do, we wanted to share our list of why we think being a camp counselor at Camp EDMO® is pretty neat, rewarding, fun, and more.

  • Unlimited pie facials
  • A variety of wardrobe options
  • Ever play Sharknado Tag?
  • Acting silly is  encouraged
  • Every day includes hugs, smiles and silly jokes

PLUS, you get to lead songs and kids, share experience and expertise, achieve work and personal development goals, and truly enrich your summer and the summer of hundreds of kids…and did we mention the pies?