16 Things Only EDMO Campers May Understand

PaloAltoBoy Pies Staff Rally

  1. Pie is definitely not just for eating
  2. The amazing feeling of getting out of your parent’s car on the first day each summer
  3. Peel banana…peel peel banana
  4. Camp friends are the best friends. #BCFFL. Best Camp Friends For Life.
  5. Even when your camp t-shirt is stained or too small, you still want to wear it
  6. That moment when you meet staff during Shabooya….My name is Mark, I like to bark…and this is how I break it down
  7. There are over 100 crazy ways you can dress for DIY Duct Tape Day
  8. You can’t wait to tell your school friends about how you spent your summer
  9. You really want to get up early AND stay at camp all the way through PM Care
  10. Your new friends are called huggtapus, bug, cat, and cloud
  11. What Capture the Monkey is
  12. It’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E when someone says AWESOME
  13. The rest of the year is just a countdown to camp
  14. You think your counselor is the coolest, smartest, most beautiful, and best person on earth
  15. You physically cannot talk about a baby shark without breaking out into: Baby shark do do, do do do do Baby shark do do, do do do do Baby shark…
  16. Once you’ve tried Camp EDMO®, you will always want to be a part of that EDMO Vibe!